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I was born in London and spent my teenaged years in Hertfordshire where I spent large amounts of time reading novels, watching day time television programmes which seemed to involve middle-class women visiting each other's houses, and avoiding school. Failing to gain any qualifications in Science whatsoever, the dream of being a forensic scientist collided with reality when a careers teacher suggested that I might like to work in a department store. I don't think she meant Harrods. Later studying Law, I decided to teach rather than go into practice and spent many years working as a college lecturer teaching mainly Criminal Law to adults and young people.

I've always enjoyed crime fiction, starting at the age of about twelve with the blessed Agatha. I think that the first one I read was The Secret of Chimneys and I worked my way through the rest of them over the next year or so. I still like Agatha Christie, even now.

Street Cat Blues

November, 2020

A quiet life for Aubrey?

Aubrey, a large tabby rescue cat, has finally found a home with Molly and Jeremy Goodman and life is looking good. However, all is about to change when a serial killer begins to target elderly victims in the neighbourhood. Aubrey wasn’t particularly upset by the death of some of the previous victims, including Miss Jenkins whom Aubrey recalls as a vinegar-lipped bitch of an old woman who liked throwing stones at cats, but Mr Telling was different.


Mr Telling was a mate …

The new edition of Street Cat Blues will be available from Red Dog Publishing from 4th November and is available to pre-order from their website.


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I loved this book and am eager to learn if Alison O’Leary has a very long series of Aubrey books tucked up her sleeve. I would definitely recommend this to cosy mystery fans and cat lovers alike; it’s a really fresh, well-written take on the genre.

Steph Warren

This is a lovely book. It is both entertaining and thought provoking. You always want to turn the page to see what happens next but at the end you find yourself thinking about the many-layered world, which is both strange and familiar, that it creates. The virtue signallers are not necessarily virtuous and the marginalised, anti-social, and sometimes downright criminal are handled with sympathy and understanding.


With an effective plot which keeps its focus while Aubrey moves through his brilliantly observed world, this book is fascinating throughout and maintained my interest. It has much to say about our world from a different level, and carefully gives a different view of contemporary life from underneath.


Cunningly crafted and cleverly written, this was a fun and engaging story, and I derived great pleasure and enjoyment from Ms. O’Leary’s colorful descriptions and crisp writing style. And I was shocked to realize this deftly written and wily tale was a debut publication.

Honolulu Belle


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